Corrina Bobee

Sales Support Manager


Q: Describe your role and responsibilities at Elkay Commercial Systems.
A: I am kind of a jack of all trades.  It’s been this way most of my Elkay career.  I am an account manager, a project manager a manager of people, systems and process manager, a teambuilder, but mostly I am a leader.  My Insights colors are green, yellow, red and blue. 


Q: What do find the most personally rewarding about working at Elkay Commercial Systems?
A: Many people put their trust in me to make things happen, regardless of what the “things” are.  I know I’ve built this reputation of integrity.  Trust and honesty should be unbreakable. I am proud of that.


Q: What’s your signature dish?
A: Tamales, homemade tortillas, made from scratch refried beans and Mexican rice.  All learned from my mama!


Q: What’s your jam?
A:  Foo Fighters, Pearl Jam and Stone Temple Pilots.  But if I have to narrow it down to just one stand-up-and-belt-out-song it’s really My Own Worst Enemy by Lit.


Q: What is your favorite smell?
A: Woodburning/bonfire smells.  It always takes me back my childhood or my parent’s house where we had a giant woodburning fireplace and today it’s a giant woodburning stove.