Global Manufacturers Partner During Pandemic

Elkay Commercial Systems announces AeroGlove(R), expanding its COVID-19 product line.

DOWNERS GROVE, IL, JULY 27, 2020: In response to the coronavirus pandemic, Elkay Commercial Systems is helping customers navigate this time of uncertainty with new solutions. One of those solutions is AeroGlove®, an automated glove dispenser, developed by Hankscraft Inc. and now offered by Elkay Commercial Systems.

AeroGlove is a powerful tool to prevent the spread of germs and contamination in various applications, from restaurants, grocery and convenience stores, schools, and assisted living. Unlike static racks and stand-alone glove packs, AeroGlove’s electronic dispenser system uses a sensor-activated fan to inflate the gloves, allowing them to be applied easily without touching the outer surface. Its compact footprint can be used in any application without disrupting customer traffic or blocking the view of products or messaging. 

The unit is designed to prevent contaminants from spreading, especially in higher-risk areas like prep stations, self-serve areas, produce sections, and restrooms. It protects staff and guests from the most common contaminants, disease, and foodborne illnesses. AeroGlove's polyvinyl gloves are also biodegradable, offering a green option to the market. 

“The global pandemic has changed life dramatically for everyone, especially the food service industry,” says Tracy Wu, Global Director of Elkay Commercial Systems. “The introduction of AeroGlove® to the Elkay Commercial Systems product line comes at the perfect time to make a positive impact. At Elkay, we continue to look for solutions that provide our customers with safer product offerings for their staff and customers. AeroGlove is a perfect solution for the food service industry.”

Elkay Commercial System's growing footprint in North America, Asia-Pacific, Europe, and the Middle East allows the unit to be offered across the globe. AeroGlove® is a registered trademark of Hankscraft Inc.



Elkay Commercial Systems is a global provider of stainless steel sinks and furniture, water delivery, and rethermalizers for commercial kitchen environments. As a division of Elkay Manufacturing, their quality and craftsmanship are unmatched in the industry and recognized by the world's biggest brands.

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Reach out to get a quote or learn more about our capabilities and services.